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The Full Body-Bind Curse incantation: Petrificus Totalus was a curse that paralysed the opponent whose body would go stiff and cause them to fall. The curse locked the target in rigid state, paralysed from head to toe. Their legs would spring together and even their jaws were locked but. A counter-curse is a type of Counter-spell designed to remove the effects of a curse or other dark charm. Likewise to casting dark charms, the one performing the counter-curse must keep eye contact with the target. During their time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, James Potter cast the counter-curse for the Full Body-Bind Curse that Sirius Black had cast on Severus Snape after. The Full Body Bind Curse will force your opponent's legs and arms to snap together, only cured by the counter. When cast correctly, what looks like a gust of ice will blow from your wand.

What's the point of a leg-locker curse if a full body-bind curse exists? Discussion. You have one spell that does half a thing, and another spell that does a full one of that thing. Which one would you choose? Do wizards not know math? Like, why does leg-locker even need to exist and be taught when you can just body-bind? "The Full-Body Bind Curse, also known as the Body Freezing Curse, is indeed a spell that renders the victim completely immobile. The incantation is Petrificus Totalus and the wand movement required to perform the spell is, from left to right, a hook, then a horizontal line.

[Source] The Full Body-Bind Curse Petrificus Totalus is a curse used to paralyse living targets. This article is a stub. You can help PotterPedia Wiki by expanding it. Full Body-Bind Curse Incantation Petrificus Totalus Hand Movement Point Light None Effect Paralyses. Fred Weasley said, while waiting in dress robes in the hot sun for the wedding guests to arrive, that when he got married, all of them could wear what they liked, and he'd put a full Body-Bind Curse on Molly Weasley until it was all over. Hermione cast this spell at Antonin Dolohov in the café. Neville's long, lonely night of thoughts as he lies on the Griffindor common room floor at the end of first year, after Hermione puts the full body-bind curse on him. Feel free to leave comments and criticism, and thanks for reading.

Overview []. Petrificus Totalus is a spell that freezes or petrifies the body of the victim, making it incapable of moving, except for the eyes and breathing. It is colloquially known as the Body-Bind Curse or the Full Body-Bind, the latter being used apparently to differentiate it from Locomotor Mortis, the leg-locker curse.The spell can be broken by the Finite Incantatem spell. Der Zauberspruch Petrificus Totalus lat: petra facere = "zu Stein machen", totalus = "vollständig" erzeugt eine Ganzkörperklammer im Original:Full Body Bind. Dieser Klammerfluch lähmt den Getroffenen am ganzen Körper. Lediglich die Augen kann der Gelähmte noch bewegen. Die deutsche Bezeichnung Ganzkörperklammer deutet fälschlicherweise an, dieser Fluch sei ähnlich wie der. 03.08.2009 · If you use the Body-Bind Curse on someone about to transform into a werewolf, will they still transform if you do not perform the countercurse immediately? Also, if you use the same curse on someone who has just drunk Polyjuice Potion and is in the middle of molting from one person to another, will they still transform? Any answers are appreciated! Thanks!

Body Bind Curse

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